2nd Screening at BiFan Film Festival in Bucheon

By Kirk Geiger on Jul 27, 2016 at 04:58 PM in Kirk Geiger's Press, Karate Kill

Writer/Director Kurando Mitsutake posts from the BiFan Film Festival in Bucheon, Korea.

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Karate Kill-2
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"There are a lot of great actors to be found in this movie, and far too many to mention. Who steals the show, however, is Geiger. If an award were to be handed out this year for Best Actor, Geiger deserves to win. His portrayal of Vendeski is flat-out superb, and quite an eye-opener. He brings such life into his sinister, crazed-out cult-leader character, flawlessly tackling this task. His facial expressions and line-delivery are spot-on. Geiger’s Vendeski will scare and creep-out any unsuspecting viewer, and even cause a few chuckles along the way."
Steven DeJoseph Jr.
Cryptic Rock