Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival

By Kirk Geiger on Oct 14, 2016 at 06:22 PM in Kirk Geiger's Press
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The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival is proud to announce the audience awards for BEST FEATURE FILM, BEST SHORT FILM and BEST LOCAL SHORT. And the winners are: 

  • Best Feature Film: KARATE KILL (Kurando Misutake) 
  • Best Short Film: THE PANTY SYMPHONIC (Zach Strum) 
  • Best Local Short: IZZY’S STORM (Dom Hilton) 

For PUFF attendees, selecting their favorite films was a difficult task, as all three winners barely edged out the competition to be crowned the audience favorites of the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival. The winners of Best Feature and Short will be awarded with the highly coveted PUFF tiara -- a jewel encrusted masterpiece ordered from 

IZZY’S STORM director Dom Hilton was awarded a brick of scrapple on Sunday night as a token of Philadelphia pride.

We wanted to give local filmmakers something that truly represented Philadelphia, and not the obvious gift of a cheesesteak or something in the shape of a broken old bell. Any good Philadelphian knows that scrapple is a classic Pennsylvania tradition, and a valuable, delicious prize.

It’s been very exciting to unveil these trophies, which we hope will become a fun tradition in the future. The mission of PUFF is to have a good time, and we think our awards represent the spirit of the festival. Not to mention, everyone secretly wants to win a tiara.

Love, PUFF Co-directors Madeleine Koestner and Alex Gardner


"There are a lot of great actors to be found in this movie, and far too many to mention. Who steals the show, however, is Geiger. If an award were to be handed out this year for Best Actor, Geiger deserves to win. His portrayal of Vendeski is flat-out superb, and quite an eye-opener. He brings such life into his sinister, crazed-out cult-leader character, flawlessly tackling this task. His facial expressions and line-delivery are spot-on. Geiger’s Vendeski will scare and creep-out any unsuspecting viewer, and even cause a few chuckles along the way."
Steven DeJoseph Jr.
Cryptic Rock