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date: 04.07.16
written by: BuffaloGal

A sordidly good time was had by all during production of “A Very Sordid Wedding”, which wrapped principal photography on May 14th, 2016, after a whirlwind two-week shoot in the Winnipeg/Selkirk/Headingley areas. US-based producer Emerson Collins and director/writer Del Shores brought their sequel to the popular “Sordid Lives” 2000 feature film and follow-up 2008 television series to the Canadian prairies, doubling for sweltering Winters, Texas.

Returning from the series and/or movie were stars Bonnie Bedelia (TV’s Parenthood, Die Hard), Caroline Rhea (Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Phineas and Ferb), Leslie Jordan (Will and Grace) and Dale Dickey (Justified, True Blood.) In addition, the cast, crew and the town of Selkirk were also treated to a one-day appearance by none other than Whoopi Goldberg in a cameo role.

Director Shores raved about the locations, the crew and Buffalo Gal Pictures, enthusing: “Amazing company! I just finished working on A Very Sordid Wedding with them. Best crew ever! Best experience of my film career! Thank you ALL for seeing my vision and helping me tell my Sordid story!”

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"I've gotten a lot of flack from the gay community about casting straight actors in gay roles, but I've also cast gay actors in straight roles and I'll bet you didn't know that, but I did. I don't discriminate against straight or gay people in casting; I'm open to good acting. Let's take Kirk Geiger, who played Ty in the Sordid Lives movie. The day he auditioned for me, he was very gay. I didn't feel it was my right to ask if he was gay or straight, but I cast the best actor in the role. You know what I say to people who criticize me for that? I say, "Fuck you." In Yellow, I happen to have a straight boy playing a straight boy and a gay boy playing a gay boy, but they were the best actors for the roles."
Del Shores
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