How We Got Our Name

In 2001, two days after 9/11 our little dog, McQueen, was stolen out of our yard. He was a wedding present and was greatly loved.

The loss of McQueen was heartbreaking and we were not willing to take it lying down. We went to great lengths to get him back, including following the advice of a pet communicator! and stalking what later proved to be an innocent man. While we felt we were close, after four months of searching we had to accept that we would probably never see McQueen again.

In 2003, we made a movie about our experience, which turned out to be a very universal story. The movie found a fledgling audience and was the beginning of our company. So in honor of our little dog and in acknowledgment of all he taught us through love and loss, we named our company after him.

And, thus was born, FilmMcQueen.


Jane Clark


Jane Clark is a filmmmaker residing in Los Angeles.  Her first feature, METH HEAD, stars Lukas Haas, Tom Sizemore, Candis Cayne and Theo Rossi among others.  the film played over 30 international festivals, won 12 awards including, Best Features, Best First Feature, Best Director, Best Screenplay and released June 2014 through Random Media.

Her second feature, CRAZY BITCHES earned the dubious distinction of being one of the top ten illegally downloaded films its opening weekend. The film played over 25 international festivals in 6 months, won Best Ensemble Cast and was nominated for Best Feature, Best Supporting Actress and Best Soundtrack. The film released in February 2015 through Gravitas Ventures. 

Prior to that Jane produced ELENA UNDONE for writer/director Nicole Conn, (Little Man, Claire of the Moon.) The film has played successfully on the festival circuit and is a best seller with Wolfe Releasing. 

Before foraying into feature producing, Jane produced, directed, wrote and edited, 7 award winning short films. She began her career as an actress including a recurring role on CHICAGO HOPE. She has spoken on numerous panels covering film production, fundraising, marketing and distribution, most recently addressing the topic of filmmakers and social change. She is currently writing a book on making short films from Idea through Distribution, and was a board member and programmer for the Woods Hole Film Festival in Cape Cod, Massachusetts for 6 years. 


Bob Tourtellotte

Exec Producer/Co-Owner

Bob Tourtellotte is the former editor entertainment and lifestyle, for Reuters news, where he covered Hollywood and the movie industry.  For more than 15 years, he interviewed and wrote about the most influential players in the industry.

As producer, Bob cut his teeth collaborating with his wife, director Jane Clark, on several short films. He has followed his first, full-length feature, METH HEAD, with the horror, comedy, murder suspense CRAZY BITCHES, which is was released February 13th through Gravitas Ventures. He and Jane are partners in production company FilmMcQueen, and they live and work in Los Angeles. Bob holds an MA in journalism from New York University. 

FilmMcQueen Crazier Bitches

Films in Development:

Shooting Location: Los Angeles
Budget: $400K US
Projected Pre-production start date: October 17, 2016
Writer/Director: Jane Clark
Producers: Jane Clark, John W. McLaughlin, Tara Carbajal
Production Companies: FilmMcQueen
Genre: Comedy Horror - Sequel to Crazy Bitches
Casting Director: Shannon Makhanian
Casting Associate: Doug Haley
Cast: Candis Cayne, Cathy DeBuono, David Fumero, Victoria Profeta, Eddie Daniels, Guinevere Turner, John W. McLaughlin, Liz McGeever, Dinah Leffert, Deadlee
ROLES - TBD - "Bridget," "Hector," "Cindy," "Pete," "Izzy"
Script out to: Wilson Cruz for the role of George

In the aftermath of the slaughter of Crazy Bitches at the Hallowed Spirits Ranch, Alice has divorced Eddie and is trying to get on with life, especially since Eddie has already remarried and to someone younger than her. She distracts herself by volunteering to organize the Holiday Pageant for her son's Pre-school class, but that doesn't help much since Eddie's new wife has a 4 year old too and she joins an already fractioned group of "mommies".

The Holiday Pageant committee becomes a hotbed of conspiracies and terrible parenting. Alice drags Minnie into the mix, desperate for an ally, and Minnie is happy to help, but she's having her own issues. She's absolutely sure someone is following her and to make matters worse she's been having dreams about all her friends that died over that fateful weekend. Pretty soon her nightmares cross into reality as badly behaving mommies start turning up dead.


Crazier Bitches

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I've gotten a lot of flack from the gay community about casting straight actors in gay roles, but I've also cast gay actors in straight roles and I'll bet you didn't know that, but I did. I don't discriminate against straight or gay people in casting; I'm open to good acting. Let's take Kirk Geiger, who played Ty in the Sordid Lives movie. The day he auditioned for me, he was very gay. I didn't feel it was my right to ask if he was gay or straight, but I cast the best actor in the role. You know what I say to people who criticize me for that? I say, "Fuck you." In Yellow, I happen to have a straight boy playing a straight boy and a gay boy playing a gay boy, but they were the best actors for the roles.
Del Shores
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