My Favorite Towels Anime

Studio Ilya Animation, International
Producer: Yun-Ching Chang

Property origin by country: Taiwan. 
Summary: The imaginative adventures of five animal friends created by ordinary household towels. Coming to life when humans are not present, the quintet engages in all manner of fun and learning at the same time. "In the house is where they live and play...while the family is away." 
Trademark coverage areas: worldwide.

My Favorite Towels-2
My Favorite Towels-3
My Favorite Towels-4
My Favorite Towels-5

created by: Francois Chang/President of Studio Ilya

written by: Noelle Geiger

Season 1 Episodes

  • A Letter's Journey
  • Borrowing A Tooth
  • Make A Wish
  • Shoe Thieves

Season 2 Episodes

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Hiding Things
  • Master of the House Wannabees
  • Sport Games
  • Tiger Hat 

Working with Gabe Sachs and Francois Chang

I'd been working with Gabe Sachs on what felt like the screenplay that would forever be in development, when he told me how he had met Francois Chang at Comic Con in San Diego.

Francois had created a magical world for children where towels come to life.  Kind of brilliant, I thought.  I remember my favorite towel when I was growing up.  It had the Marvel's Comic Wonder Woman on it with her red, white and blue clothes and her truth lasso.  I'd tie it around my neck and jump off the stairs pretending I could fly and fight crime. Maybe Francois had something.

When I received the show's notes and images, it was obvious that Francois knew what he was doing.  He had everything, sets, the characters and storylines, etc...But, Francois was not a writer. Gabe asked if I would be interested in flushing out Francois' ideas into a few episodes. 

When I started writing, I was initially interested in children's stories and wrote a few novelettes. There is something about creating a simple imaginary world that is freeing for a writer, at least for me.  And Francois' towel characters were so fun and adorable and always finding themselves in such a pickle trying to help the family of the house, that I wanted to be involved.  I wrote four episodes.  The following year, Francois asked if I would write five more.


"There are a lot of great actors to be found in this movie, and far too many to mention. Who steals the show, however, is Geiger. If an award were to be handed out this year for Best Actor, Geiger deserves to win. His portrayal of Vendeski is flat-out superb, and quite an eye-opener. He brings such life into his sinister, crazed-out cult-leader character, flawlessly tackling this task. His facial expressions and line-delivery are spot-on. Geiger’s Vendeski will scare and creep-out any unsuspecting viewer, and even cause a few chuckles along the way."
Steven DeJoseph Jr.
Cryptic Rock