Fatherless Feature Film

written by: Noelle Geiger

Ken Johnson and Randy Lintecum
Mark Zavad and Bruce Feagle
Kim Estes and Crew

Interviewing Ken Johnson

by: Noelle Geiger

I was fortunate enough to spend many hours interviewing Ken Johnson before I wrote, Fatherless. There is an inner strength and determination to this man like no person I've ever met.  It is apparent that God has placed him in difficult situations to learn how to overcome them so he in turn could teach others how to do the same.  And he has.  He is a mentor to many.  The work he does is very challenging.  As difficult as the childhood he grew up in.  But Ken's focus is on God.  His heart always seeking to do what is right.  And if need be, to be that strength that others need in order to change.  And to learn how to be loved as well as loving others.

Fatherless, is his story...

Currently In Pre-production

Smart Dog Films is currently in pre-production for their next film, Fatherless. The story is inspired by the true story of Ken Johnson, Chaplain for the Indianapolis Colts. Born in Los Angeles and surrounded by drugs, alcohol and extreme poverty, football became Ken’s escape. When football failed to give him what he so desperately wanted, Ken turned to the only other thing in his life, faith in God. The film begins as Ken struggles with the remnants of his past including a mother he has not seen for years. His life turns upside down when he encounters a young teen by the name of Jeremy who witnessed his father commit suicide. Now Jeremy is hurting, and hurting others as he struggles to find meaning without a father. Ken makes it his mission to see that Jeremy does not end up as a fatherless statistic. Take a first look at the story of Fatherless by clicking on the clip below to watch our promotional trailer.


Kim Estes/Actor

Kim Estes

Is playng Ken Johnson in Fatherless.  Estes recently finished work on a film by Roger Melvin called Not 4 Sale playing a supporting role as Sidney Poitier’s friend Canada Lee.   He also had a key role on the FX Network’s The Bridge where he played Captain Marcus Brewer of the US Border Patrol and Immigration team.  Recently Estes was the NAACP Theater award committee’s nominee for best lead actor in a local play for his role as Thomas Kitay in Treat Yourself Like Cary Grant.  In 2012 Estes completed a starring role in the film Crossroads and has also worked on many TV series such as NCISHow I Met Your Mother and Private Practice.

Mark Zavad/Director

Mark Zavad

Is an Emmy award-winning producer, cinematographer and director. Zavad is the owner of Wizard Entertainment, Inc., a production company involved in the development of reality television and creative design and production of commercials. For the past 40 years Mark has worked on productions for many of the studios and television networks; the likes of Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, Sony Studios, Disney and Warner Bros. He has produced and directed commercials for ABC and NBC networks for sixteen years, and still works with ABC, directing commercials and the lead actors from primetime shows. His latest film, Dearly Departed, was nominated for Best Faith-Based Feature at the Action On Film International Film Festival.

Noelle Geiger/Writer

Noelle Geiger

Received her Theater and Drama degree from Indiana University. After college, she and fellow IU grads started The All-You-Can-Eat Theater Company in Los Angeles. After five years of successful productions, Noelle ventured off into writing where she discovered her passion. She has since written several books and screenplays and is currently in development with Sachs/Judah writing a dark comedy.

Ken Johnson Interview


"The real showcase here is Kirk Geiger as Vendenski. An utterly amazing nut-case of a performance. I hadn't heard of Geiger beforehand, but I'll be keeping my eye on him from now on."
Stephen Harper
The Slaughtered Bird Magazine