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Noelle Geiger


I was a dreamer way before I was a writer...  

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Kramer Family 1968

I have to contribute this to my upbringing.  When you're the youngest in a family of six, you often get left out because you're too young to hang with the older kids.  I played alone a lot, creating fantastical stories in my head. Sometimes I'd be a super hero or a famous artist or even a villain. I'd work out every detail from the sets to the clothes to the dialogue.  It was in those details of my imagination, that I could loose myself for hours.  Feeling as if I was standing in the middle of my own creation.  I was a private child, interverted, and so I never shared this side of myself.

My first writing gig...

Noelle Geiger Writer
Saint Joseph's - LaPorte, Indiana

Was in sixth grade.  Sister Suzanne entrusted me to write the Christmas play for our class.  I'd never written a play before, but that didn't seem phase me one bit.   I knew exactly what I wanted to write.  All the things I loved about Christmas, from Jesus to Santa and every Christmas song in between.  It was a sixth grade smash.  I'm sure it wasn't as good as my young impressionable mind thought, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere.  Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of writing gigs for eleven year olds in LaPorte, Indiana and my career ended as soon as it began.

I chose a different path...

Indiana University
Indiana University

in college.  Acting was probably the best thing for me at the time.  I needed to come out of my shell and being on stage in front of people forced me to do that?  Theater gave me a safe environment and a family that understood me.  I graduated from Indiana University and persued theater in Chicago, but I knew to make a living, I would need to cross over into film.  I eventually ended up in Los Angeles and began a theater company with a group of I.U. students called, The All You Can Eat Players.  I'd audition for film and television during the day and acted in plays at night.

Writing class...

Skadden Arps

actually took place at a receptionist desk in a major law firm.  In order to supplement my budding acting career and keep me off the streets of LA, I took a job as a receptionist at Skadden Arps.  I wasn't used to being tied to a desk.  I hated it, but I needed the money and so I started a journal to escape the boredom.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I was a kid again, back in my imagination creating worlds, but this time I was writing them down.  And I couldn't stop.

Gaining Confidence...

Wedding 2007
Geiger Wedding 2007

to share my writings with others took some time.  I had a lot to learn about self-expression, style and formatting stories.  For years, I honed my craft writing children's novelettes and screenplays.  It wasn't until I met Kirk and we settled in the Coachella Valley did I realze it was time to persue writing.  We both wanted a film project we could make on our own, and so, Spinners, was born.  My first all out comedy.  We put together a budget, a cast, set locations, costumes...we were ready to shoot. We just needed money.  The script was sent to a few producers and immediately, we started getting attention.

In Developement...

Spinners written by: Noelle Geiger
Spinner's Teaser

soon became my advanced writing class.  I'm not going to tell you how many times I rewrote, Spinners, because you might think I'm insane. Let's just say, it was A LOT...and it still hasn't been made.  But, the artistic path is never a straight one.  I met a lot of great people because of that script.  Learned a lot about the film industry and how to write great stories.   I even booked other jobs because of it.   The lesson is write even though no one wants to make your story.  There is a time and reason for everything.  So, I write and am always blessed with great adventures because of it. 


my focus has been writing for films, although I still harbor a deep love for children and young adult books.  Writing a good story, whether it be a manuscript or screenplay takes time.  I don't care what anyone says. You could pump out a general script in thrity days, if you knew what you were writng about.  To give story depth, though, that takes time and many layers.  "Brenda" is my latest script.  I have been very priveledge to work with Producer/Writer, Gabe Sachs, developing it.